23 - 24 April 2010

Organizer: BEAUTY EXPO s.r.o.

P R E S S    R E L E A S E

Neither new spaces nor choosing to hold the event in April  took the appeal away or had any effect on the unending rows of visitors waiting for “their“ trade fair and the programme at WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA 2010 SPRING

Trends in the field of cosmetics, beautification, face and body shaping
And there was many a reason to pay us a visit: more than 260 exhibitors representing around 350 brands, the majority of which ran a permanent display programme on the stands uncovering an impressive range of news in all cosmetic areas: new skincare methods, new methods in nail design, nail decoration, foot-care, hair thickening and extensions, tattoos, permanent make-up and tanning, face and body forming using devices, face filling and plastic surgery. Hot news in the field of make-up, hair-styling and fashion emerging from the hands of local and international masters of famous names could be seen throughout the day on the main stage.

Soul and body in harmony
Even more emphasis at this modern trade fair asserted beauty as harmony of body and soul. Inspiration could be found in the showing of several types of massages, aromatherapy, offers of wellness stays in hotels and spas as well as further ways to relax and support both our physical and spiritual sense of well being.

Re-qualifying, further education
The offer was designed, above all, for those interested in acquiring contacts to gain further education or adepts looking for a change of workplace. Among presentations included study and requalification courses for a wide range of services in the sphere of body care and beautification such as cosmetics, face make-up, hairdressing, nail art, podology. The offer of the most p
rominent schools providing training in special types of massages is ever more interesting (including samples during the course of the trade fair) and training schools for further natural methods of healthcare such as alternative medicine, acupressure, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, iris diagnostics, sacral therapy etc.

The competitions did not fail to please its supporters: the CREATIVE IMAGE TEAM under the leadership of Pavel Bauer (topic: Urban Geisha) and FOTOMAKEUP under the leadership of Štěpánka Podroužková (topic London Dandy) filled the spaces in front of the stage right up to the last available inch, the competition models were truly delightful and imaginative, face make-up artists and stylists carefully carried out right up to the smallest detail.  Other competitions also allured their hard-core and enthusiastic fan base: the championship for the Czech Republic and International championship in nail art, manicuring championship, the beautiful hands and feet competition on the topic of Wild West under the leadership of Patricie Herrer, the preliminary year for hairdresser contest INSPIRATION 2010 kicked off where the jury of this competition,  Blanka Hašková, Jan Hlaváček and Martin Loužecký presented their perfect hair-styling creations.

A further attractive high point in the programme was the performance of Pavel Bauer and his guests: in conjunction with Gabriela Revellese (hair), the well-known make-up artist introduced summer trends by Estée Lauder which was followed by a fashion show from one of the best schools- VOS fashion design.  Brands, Karaja/Tana and Artdeco also introduced their spring-summer trends while the attractive fashion show of Marie Zelena, ”Evening inspirations”  held on Friday afternoon was also worth a look just as was the fashion show from the portal Czech models and the hair show, Hair City a Mod´s hair. The hair dressing show from companies BES and Z on concept also earned themselves a hearty applause.

In two halls an uninterrupted programme was held dedicated in particular to healthy style, different types of massage techniques aromatherapy and a range of other relaxation methods.  In the area of Podology, the Czech Pediatric Society put together a specialist seminar in the same way as Patty did for nail designers. Training organised by the Dexter Academy was an experience not to be missed just as were seminars held by the Association of Czech Aromatherapists, interpretations by Hana Tomášková on sacral therapy, lectures by Dr Rutt on discussing the effects of UV rays on the skin and a range of beneficial lectures on the topic of healthy living and anti-ageing methods. The Union of Cosmeticians, the Czech Association of Wellness, the Association of Regeneration Specialists, the Association of Czech Aromatherapists, Dexter Academy also contributed to the programme while the next competition round of products was also launched in cooperation with the PROKOS Alliance among others.

For the next jubilee year of the WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA 2010 AUTUMN trade fair specialising in cosmetics hair and healthy living, we have selected the very appealing grounds of O2 arena promising to offer a wonderful hair, face-make-up and fashion show along with all the technical comfort, facilities and welcoming visiting areas including refreshments and security.



Friday, 23 April 2010
10:00 am - Opening, Czech and International Championship in NAIL ART
10:10 am - Artists for Labyrint (association for the physically handicapped)
10.30 am - Friseurshow „Stars“
10.50 am - Vladimír Mazal: Indic Massage
11.10 am - Dermalogica: Face Mapping
11.30 am - concept with Ultrasonic Repairing System
11.50 am - Pavel Bauer and his guests (trends by Estée Lauder) Gabriela Revellese (hairstyling)
12.30 pm - Opening, Czech Championship in Manicure
12.30 pm - BES: Sig. Vincenzo Piccolo - show
01.10 pm - Jan Hlaváček, Martin Loužecký, Blanka Hašková „Inspiration 2011“
01.40 pm - Ilona Pavlatová - Make-up by Tana und Karaja
02.00 pm - Pavel Bauer: CREATIVE IMAGE TEAM - Urban Geisha
03.30 pm - Jan Špilar - Josefina
03.45 pm - Marie Zelená: Evening inspiration
04.00 pm - CREATIVE IMAGE TEAM - winners announcement
04.10 pm - concept - Ventaglio
04.30 pm - Josef Štágr and his guests
04.45 pm - Czech Championship in Manicure - winners announcement
05.00 pm - Czech and International Championship in NAIL ART - winners announcement

Saturday, 24 April 2010
10:00 am - Beautiful hands and feet (nail art competition)
10.05 am - Artists for Labyrint (association for the physically handicapped)
10.15 am - Štěpánka Podroužková - Make-up
10.25 am - concept with Ultrasonic Repairing System
11.40 am - Nobilis Tilia : Biophase
11.00 am - Eternity: Hairshow Hair City und Mod´s hair
11.25 am - Alexandra Fricova, Volmar: Etre Belle
11.45 am - NEE by Kaja Pavlicek
12.00 pm - - show
12.20 pm - Artdeco and Linda Valsami: Trends
12.35 pm - Beautiful hands and feets (nail artcompetition) - winners announcement

12.35 pm - Mgr. Pavel Kloud - Podiatry
12.55 am - BES: Sig. Vincenzo Piccolo - show
13.35 pm - Dalmateens
13.50 pm - Cosmetic Union
02.00 pm - Štěpánka Podroužková: FOTOMAKEUP „Dandy of London”
03.15 pm - FOTOMAKEUP - awards

03.15 pm - Modeling Prague: Extravagance
03.35 pm - concept - Ventaglio
03.55 pm - Mgr. Pavel Kloud - Hawaiian Massage Lomi Lomi
04.15 pm - Biocell - Valentise


Friday, 23 April 2010
10.30 am - Ing. Hana Smejtková: Reflective Therapy
11.00 am - Womaninstitute: Self-confidence, harmony
12.00 pm - Dexter Academy: Congress for masseurs and beauticians:
- Lava-stones for face
- Lympho-dreinage for face
- new trends and using in Cosmetic profession
- massage for baeuticians „Try the care of others”
01.30 pm - Mgr. Alžběta Šorfová: Body- and soul care
02.00 pm - Association of Workers in Regeneration
03.00 pm - Hana Tomášková: 15.30 - The scents of life: scents put together according to the Chinese principles of five elements + meditation with perfume by Hanna Maria
04.00 pm - Milan Gelnar - Astrology

Saturday, 24 April 2010
The Czech Association of Aromatherapy, Relaxation, Wellness
10.30am - An introduction to aromatherapy, the effect of using ethereal oils, application methods
11.00am - Phono-phoresis - tone method with pitchforks contributing to a heightened physical as well as mental state using acupuncture lines, zones or separate organs, joints etc
11.30am - Holistic aromatherapy massage - comprises not only work with the muscular system but also with energy, meridian lines and acupressure points. Deeply relaxing and regenerating
12.00 pm - Aromatherapy in cosmetics (video projection with explanation ) - the use of jojoba and ethereal oils for natural treatment of the skin
12.30pm - Massage with lava stones - by means of vibration, the warmth of real lava stones affects energy lines in the body, has a beneficial effect on your state of mind and relieves strained muscles
01.00 pm - Hawaiian massage - inspired by very soft and fluid techniques originating from the Hawaiian Islands
01.30 pm - „Champi” head massage - inspired by traditional Indian head massage techniques including elements of an Ayurvedic massage with energising and relaxing effects on the entire organism
02.00 pm - Irisdiagnostics
02.20 pm - Dermatologic Center
04.00 pm - RAM: ORO NERO - protection using essential cells and new developments in anti-age treatments, correct roll-on Simply White - specific treatments for the area around the eyes with multiple effects
Dermalogica: Acne
04.15 pm - Karel Trnavský: Thaii Massage


Friday, 23 April 2010
10:00 am - Czech and International Championship in NAIL ART
12.20 pm - Czech Championship in Manicure

Saturday, 24 April 2010
10:00 am - Beautiful hands and feet (nail art competition)


23 - 24 April 2010

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