World Of Beauty & Spa 2010 Podzim O2 arena

14–15 MARCH 2014

Organizer: EXPOBEAUTY PRAGUE s.r.o.

A B O U T   T H E   F A I R

17th Cosmetics Trade Fair WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA featuring once again on the modern premises of the PVA EXPO PRAHA – LETŇANY just before the arrival of spring
on 14th and 15th March 2014.

More than three hundred exhibitors representing several hundred well-known and prestigious brands of professional cosmetics and products for wellness, spa and hotel care as well as products for end consumers will be presenting their news and traditional products to an anticipated eighteen thousand visitors.

Anti-aging care, foot-care, massages, relaxation, regeneration
Taking place in several lounges as well as on the main stage, visitors can look forward to checking out a programme devoted to beauty-enhancing methods and anti-ageing, care, aromatherapy, relaxation, regeneration, alternative health care and training in these fields. Topics and practical demonstrations will feature led by leading cosmetics professionals as well as professionals specialising in massages and physiotherapy, podiatry, acupressure, aromatherapy, cosmetics which have a positive impact on the spiritual sphere of a person as well as other fields. Partners for professional cooperation include the most prominent field alliances such as the Union of Cosmeticians, The Czech Wellness Association, The Association of Regeneration Specialists, The Association of Czech Aromatherapists, The Czech Aromatherapy Society, Dexter Academy, The Czech Podiatric Society, The Cosmetics Alliance, PROKOS plus a wide range of other specialists.

The trade fair not only offers visitors inspiration but also a consultancy and prevention service: the best professionals around will be ready to answer questions and provide practical advice about how to go about cultivating charm and a healthy lifestyle.  Elements required to achieve this include engendering a sense of spiritual well-being, healthy self-actualisation and a positive approach to yourself and your surroundings.

Trends in make-up, hairstyling, clothing – look 2014
In traditional style the most well-known cosmetic brands and trends will be presented by make-up artists, Pavel Bauer, Štěpánka Podroužková, Linda Valsami while we can also look forward to seeing Honza Hlaváček, Martin Loužecký, Romana Topinková, Blanka Hašková and others on the main stage presenting their successful hairdressing show. The fashion shows which feature a number of Czech Miss stars and other well-known celebrities and showcase leading designers, boutiques and clothing brands have also proven to be highly popular.

Trade fair competitions
Our annual prestigious tournament will form an integral part to the programme. Highlights include the long-awaited Pavel Bauer team competition CREATIVE IMAGE TEAM (the team comprises a make-up artist, hairdresser and model). The semi-final topics inspired by design and architecture “Architectural Beauty” were announced at the autumn trade fair where the teams present their work through photographs to be judged by a professional jury at the end of the year. In the spring, the eight teams selected will compete with each other directly on the trade fair stage, although this final topic will differ slightly meaning spectators will be kept guessing throughout as to which team will succeed and what the winning piece will look like.

An additional prestigious competition to feature at the event on the topic of “boards that mean the world” is PHOTO MAKE-UP, organised by fantastic make-up artist and 2006 Czech Republic champion, Štěpánka Podroužková.

Once again the nail art competition will be about drawing, talent and creativity, above all in 2D, while for the natural manicure competition, so-called “strip-polish” will be used featuring a revolutionary technology for removing polish. The best nail designers will present flawless nail modelling, manicures, nail decoration and much more to the professional and wider public.

The event will also feature junior competitions: the finale of school make-up competitions and in hair design on the topic “Sign of the zodiac”, as well as competitions by young designers. A new competition to feature will be that of eyelash extensions and thickening, while visitors will be please to see a competition feature devoted not merely to beauty but above all to the importance of good physical shape and body sculpting for both men and women, called the Beauty & Fitness Cup.

Programme in the field of Podiatry
An attractive programme has been put together on both days of the trade fair for all those with either an active or passive interest in podiatric care. On Friday 14th March, we will be presenting the 4th ever workshop spanning the whole afternoon while on Saturday visitors can look forward to a comprehensive medical examination including a consultation in lounge S3 as well as at the Czech Podiatric Society stand completely free of charge. On Friday starting from 11.25 foot exercise demonstrations for senior citizens will be held as ideal pain prevention for the locomotive system and as part of another lecture for senior citizens led by the Association of Regeneration Specialists. Other interesting news from the field will be presented at the Czech Podiatric Society stand as well as on the stands of other exhibitors.

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