World Of Beauty & Spa PVA EXPO PRAHA

MARCH 16–17, 2018

Organizer: EXPOBEAUTY PRAGUE s.r.o.




About 20,000 visitors including many VIPs visited the fair WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA on 16th and 17th March 2018 in the Letňany district of Prague to admire the new spring products and services from the world of beauty and leisure.

At the fair were introduced four hundred exhibition booths offering the latest products, methods, and treatments in the field of home and professional cosmetics, including skin care, massage, bath, wellness and spa products, spa and hotel wellness facilities, hair-care and styling products, creams, oils, and nutrition and healthy lifestyle products.

Top-notch make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists presented the new spring and summer trends on the trade fair’s stages. An inspiring competitive entry  was Štěpánka Podroužková’s „Rococo” photo make-up, while innovative combinations colors, hairstyles, and make-up “Lost in Waves“ was created for the competition under the direction of make-up artist Pavel Bauer and was rounded out by fashion show. Fresh young inspirations was offered up by the work of young designers’ (designer creations were pinned on a live model) and by the make-up, hairstyles, and body painting designs created in the style of ‘Mystic Gothic”. Visitors were able to see the hairstyle creations of famous hairstylists Romana Topinková and Honza Špilar. The latter also introduced a new theme at the master hairstyling contest ‘INSPIRATION 2019’. There was a competition for the best nail designs for various occasions, and a hug number of participants in the competition devoted to hair and eyelash extensions. The ‘natural fitness’ competition filled with enviable male and female bodies was greeted with rounds of thunderous applause from spectators.

Visitors were able to meet famous personalities on stage and at the fair booths. A parade of ‘lace temptations’ shown on behalf of Fashion Island were presented by the most beautiful girls in the Czech Republic
Anti-aging skin care, aromatherapy, relaxation, and a healthy lifestyle were the pilot themes of the booths and salons at the trade fair. The main themes of the program were revolutionary new methods in care for the skin and body, both those developed in international laboratories, improved versions of the traditional natural recipes of our grandmothers, and imports from exotic countries.

The fair was not only a platform for inspiration but for many it was also above all an opportunity for new information. It offered visitors a chance to observe ‘live’ the effects of new products and methods and often they even experienced it on their own skin. Experts in the workshops and at the booths answered questions and provided practical advice for looking one’s best and for a healthy lifestyle, an essential part of which is mental wellbeing, healthy personal fulfilment, and a positive approach to ourselves and others around us.

Besides skin care a range of massage methods were on offer, such as massages with bamboo sticks or hot stones, Indian head massages, Ayurveda massage etc.There was a fascinating workshop on saunas and the beneficial effects of massage and aromatherapy on mental wellbeing.

The program presented a range of hand and foot care products. The entire event was rounded up with an array of offers for continuing education and requalification courses.




FRIDAY  16. 3. 2018 – Presented by Romana Navarová
09.00 – NAILPROCZECH – competition launch
10.00 – Gold Lashes
10.00 – Hair Extension Award 2018
10.05 – Junior pinning clothes on a live model – „Hippie Era” – – competition
10.15 – For the Labyrinth Association– charity performance featuring well-known artists
10.15 – Launch of hairstyling by SOU Praha 8 – Karlín hairstyling –
10.45 – Praha 8 Karlín Hair College and Jan Cigánik: „RETRO” –
11.05 – Diamond Fashion Designer 2018 – Competition finalists
11.15 – For Life: Cosmetics made from natural elements –
11.35 – Hydrating aroma care for cosmetics and wellness centres –
12.00 – Jan Špilar: MiLada (hair show) –
12.15 – Enii nails: Novinky –
12.25 – Scarlett Fashion Show,
12.45 – Pavel Bauer: a look back at the Düsseldorf championships –
             Announcing of „Face Airbrush Make up Open 2018”.
13.05 – Anna Menzelová: How to achieve the participation in Düsseldorf? –
13.10 – „SKILLS” Show by the College of Fashion Design Praha
13.20 – Presentation of junior pinning clothes on a live model „Hippie Era”
13.30 – Pavel Bauer: CREATIVE IMAGE TEAM 2018 – launch of the competition – hairstyles
14.15 – Junior pinning clothes on a live model – „Hippie Era” – announcing the winners
14.30 – Pavel Bauer: CREATIVE IMAGE TEAM 2018 makeup –
15.15 – Fashion show inspired by the CIT final topic
             (Pavel Bauer – Avon and Romana Topinková Schwarzkopf) –
15.25 – Scarlett Fashion,
15.40 – Pavel Bauer: CREATIVE IMAGE TEAM 2018 – Awards –
15.50 – Tana Cosmetics – New make-up –
16.10 – Hair Extension Award 2018 – awards
16.15 – Gold Lashes 2018 – Soutěž v prodlužování řas – awards –

SATURDAY  17. 3. 2018
09.00 – – competition launch
10.00 – Salon NAIL ART, TIP BOX, JUNIOR NAIL ART, BODY ART – „Mystic Gothic”
10.00 – Junior competition-hairstyling final: „Mystic Gothic” –
10.10 – ICN Beauty & Fitness Cup
10.50 – ICN Beauty & Fitness Cup
11.20 – Junior competition final – make-up: „Mystic Gothic” –
11.20 – Presentation of junior hairstyles KALIBR CUP, topic: „Mystic Gothic” –
11.25 – Musical songs performed by leading Czech musical singer and actor Zbyněk Fric
11.35 – Fashion show Miss Paradise featuring Czech Miss Lucie Kovandová, Miss Face
             and Miss Paradise 2017 Kateřina Kasanová, Vicemiss Miss Face and Miss bikini 2017
             Veronika Volkeová, Taťána Makarenko and Agáta Prachařová
12.00 – Hydrating aroma care for cosmetics and wellness centres –
12.25 – Tana Cosmetics – New make-up –
12.40 – Presentation of junior make-up KALIBR CUP, topic: „Mystic Gothic” –
12.45 – ICN Beauty & Fitness Cup 2018 – FINÁLE –
13.00 – Honza Cigánik, Honza Hlaváček, Martin Loužecký, Romana Topinková:
             „INSPIRACE 2019” – announcing the topic of prestigious competition

13.15 – „Mystic Gothic” – announcing the results: hairstyling, make-up, bodyart, nail art –
13.30 – „Fashion show of wedding and party dresses from –
13.45 – Announcing the results of NAIL ART and TIP BOX,
14.00 – Štěpánka Podroužková: Photomake-up 2018 – „ROKOKO”
17.30 – NAILPROCZECH – awards ceremony –


Tana Cosmetics: makeup demonstrations by Ilona Pavlatová –
SpaRitual: Body ritual demonstrations, spa manicures, nail diagnostics –
Stand by the stage: Launch of day-long hairstyling by SOU Praha 8 –
Yasmina Czech stand: distilling plants to produce essences –
Czech Podiatry Society stand: Consultancy service in the area of foot care –


SATURDAY  17. 3. 2018
12.00 – Workshop by the Czech Podiatric Society – see


FRIADY  16. 3. 2018
10.15 – The Association of Regeneration Professionals: „New trends in regeneration and wellness”
             this year’s trends in sport, for swimming and eating –
11.30 – The Czech Association of Sauna Enthusiasts: „Wellness trends 2018 and getting the sauna
             experience as part of the SPA programme” –
12.15 – Hanna Maria: PLAYFUL AROMATHERAPY – or preparing your own personal aroma according
             to your current frame of mind. –
13.45 – BiOrganica: Therapy INLIGHT for women –
14.30 – The Association of Czech
             Darina Ellingerová: Healthy woman, healthy relationships with aromatherapy
             Quality intimate relationships as a path to spiritual and physical vitality.
             A woman’s psychological state has an influence on her genitourinary system

SATURDAY  17. 3. 2018
10.20 – „The Path of the Stars”– aka how to set up relationships in your life guiding the person to happiness,
             tranquillity and harmony. The renowned professional astrologist Milan Gelnar will introduce lecture
             participants to his original method which he has spent his whole life working on, the application of which can
             majorly change the life of graduates for the better. More on –
11.30 – BiOrganica: Tanning creams, protective UV factors from pure nature –
12.20 – Sesderma: Skin treatment, micro-iron therapy and nanotechnology chemical peels
13.30 – Aromatherapy work experience trip to Portugal – PhDr. Hana Yasminka Šimčíková
14.15 – Learn an easy way to distil hydrolates / floral water = also at home, interesting recipes,
             options for usage (PhDr. Hana Yasminka Šimčíková) –
15.00 – Holistic approach in cosmetics care and the new Beauty Energy range –


FRIADY  16. 3. 2018
10.00 –
10.00 – Gold Lashes

SATURDAY  17. 3. 2018
10.00 – Junior HAIRSTYLING Cup – „Mystic Gothic” –
10.00 – Bodypainting – BODY
11.25 – Junior MAKE–UP Cup – „Mystic Gothic” –


FRIADY  16. 3. 2018
10.00 – Junior finalists of design competition AR JUNIOR „Era Hippie”
10.00 – Hair Extension Award 2018

SATURDAY  17. 3. 2018
10.00 – Czech Championships in salon NAIL ART, CLASSIC 2D NAIL ART, JUNIOR NAIL ART
10.00 –
12.00 – Launch of the MANICURE


Hairstyles from the SOU hair college Praha 8 Karlí

For children, we’ll be putting together an appealing Kid’s corner

All on a barefoot theme. Vítek’s paving stones, barefoot workshop, a range of competitions.,


More about the fair at the homepage: or


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Karolína Vondráčková – studentka 4. ročníku VOŠON a SPŠ Praha obor Scénická a výstavní tvorba, která se do finále v Düsseldorfu v kategorii EUROPEAN MAKE-UP AWARD – NEW TALENT probojovala s přírodně laděnou modelkou ztvárňující „THE SHINING BRIDE”


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Získali jsme 2. místo pro Českou republiku!
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Beauty Make-up Award 2019 – Feminine power

Kosmetický veletrh BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF

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První spolupráce Revolution s českou blogerkou!
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Sedm soutěžích postupuje na Mistrovství v make-upu ČR, které se uskuteční 27.9.2019 na hlavním pódiu veletrhu v PVA EXPO PRAHA v Letňanech.
Make-up Master Cup 2019

Sedm soutěžích postupuje na Mistrovství v make-upu ČR 2019