World Of Beauty & Spa 2010 Autumn O2 arena

O2 arena - PRAGUE 9
3rd and 4th September 2010

Organizer: BEAUTY EXPO s.r.o.

P R E S S    R E L E A S E

The autumn section of the 10th anniversary trade fair of cosmetics, hairstyling and healthy lifestyle took place in a quite uncommon spirit – in the sophisticated, timelessly modern premises of the O2 arena.

At the new location the trade fair was more intensely focused on trends in the areas of cosmetics, beautification, face and body sculpting. Exhibiters represented about 350 brands, most of them permanently showcased in kiosks with a long line of innovations in all areas of cosmetics: new methods of skin care, new methods of fashion nails, nail art, foot care, volumizing or lengthening hair, tattoos, permanent make-up or for example tanning or shaping the face and body using instruments, face padding and plastic surgery. Hot innovations in make-up, hairstyles and fashion forming under the hands of big-name masters here at home and abroad were on display all day on the main platform.

The WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA trade fairs place an ever increasing emphasis on beauty as the harmony of body and soul, and exhibits of the numerous types of massage, aromatherapy and other methods of relaxation, so comforting with the stresses of daily life, were increasingly sought after. Experts also offered requalifications and other education in other areas, of course, such as cosmetics, image consulting, hairstyling, fashion nails and podiatry, as well as courses teaching other natural methods of health care.

Like ever year, competitions were part of the “highlights” program of the trade fair. The Czech Championship in Make-up took place on Friday with international participation in cooperation with the Union of Cosmeticians and Pavel Bauer, where the finalists from the June Union of Cosmeticians competition in the Kaiserstein Palace advanced. Winner Markéta Štorkánová, whose work could inspire businesswomen everywhere to create a new image, gave the best interpretation of the theme of this competition, which was “Business Make-up”. Podiatrists welcomed their “Podiatry Day”, seminars related to the expert competition “Most Beautiful Feet” led by Jaroslav Fešar from the CPS. A product competition for the title “A Product of Good Quality” was prepared in partnership with PROKOS under the heading BEAUTY EXPO & PROKOS PRODUCTS AWARD. Announcement of the results for the “Masseur of the Year” and also further voting in the Union of Cosmeticians competition “Top Beauty Salon” took place onstage.

Saturday saw a range of traditional competitions: “Czech and International Championship Competitions in Nail Design” in the categories “gel” and “acrylic”, with the winners advancing to the international competition in nail design in Düsseldorf (of 31 competitors, in 1st place came Monika Vernerová – I. BEAUTY EXPO CUP – international category, Veronika Beníšková – champion in the “gel” category and Andrea Hendrychová – champion in the “acrylic” category); a competition in nail art called “Beautiful Hands and Feet” also took place (Radka Bucharová was the winner).

A new announcement was made about the 1st YEAR OF THE COMPETITION OPEN TO THE WHOLE HAIRSTYLING WORLD“INSPIRATION 2011”. Jan Cigánik, Blanka Hašková, Jan Hlaváček and Martin Loužecký sponsored the competition and it was judged by a prestigious international panel of judges comprised of Iveta Weiselová – Slovakia, Leonardo LLa – Italy, Saverio Palma – Italy, Martha Ronke Ayoorinde – Nigeria. The competition winner, Ondřej Veselý, won CZK 100,000.-, all fourteen finalists won a deluxe professional PARLUX 3800 hairdryer, luxurious furniture from BEAUTY STAR, gifts from prestigious hairstyling companies, unique diplomas and the chance of presenting at other competitions abroad.

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FRIDAY 3. 9. 2010
10.15 - Labyrinth: Charity artists‘ concert
10.30 - Vladimír Mazal: Indian Ayurvedic Snehana massages
10.50 - RAM: STEM - intensive treatment creating the effect of a new skin and protecting stem cells
11.10 - Actuelle CR and SR: Announcement of the competition results for the Professional of the Year 2010 title
11.30 - Olga Knoblochová, Anna Menzelová: Top Beauty Salon 2010 competition for the most professional salon of the year - announcement of the audience’s votes
11.45 - Sig. Saverio Palma & BES Milano
12.25 - BEAUTY EXPO & PROKOS PRODUCTS AWARD: announcement of the competition product results
12.35 - Nikos as: New chemical peeling Peelosophy by professional cosmetics, CHRISTINA
13.00 - MASSEUR OF THE YEAR 2010 ( announcement of the results for the category masseur of the year, massage salon of the year, massage school of the year,
13.20 - Mypo Trade: Autumn trends Karaja and Tana
13.50 - The most beautiful feet: 5th expert podiatric competition "For the BEAUTY EXPO trophy“ under the patronage of the Czech podiatric society, under the leadership of Ivana Kadavá
14.00 - Wedding dress show including the presentation of wedding hairstyles and make-up.
Trends in make-up for autumn / spring 2010. (Pavel Bauer & his guests - Estée Lauder, Gabriela Revellese matrix, Zuzana Straková (stylist from Star dance, Bailando, X Factor...), the wedding salon SAN VERITÁ
15.00 - The Czech championship in MAKE-UP-Topic: Business make-up (sponsor: Estée Lauder)
16.20 - The Czech championship in MAKE-UP MAKE-UP - announcement of the winners
16.30 - Dalmateens
17.00 - The most beautiful feet: 5th expert podiatric competition - announcement of the winners

SATURDAY 4. 9. 2010
10.00 - Launch of the Czech and international championship competitions in NAIL DESIGN
10.15 - Patricie Herrera: Beautiful hands and feet -Secrets of the holy grail
10.20 - Labyrinth: Charity artists‘ concert
10.30 - Štěpánka Podroužková: transformations Pro Meredit
10.40 - Dalmateens
11.00 - Štěpánka Podroužková, CR and international champion: ARTDECO: Trends autumn/winter 2010/2011
11.20 - The Association of Regeneration Specialists - Eva Nechlebová, VŠTVS Palestra: The health benefits of massage and relaxation procedures
11.45 - Sig. Saverio Palma & BES Milano
12.25 - Fashion show from the portal
13.00 - INSPIRATION 2011 - 1st year of the competition open to the whole hairstyling world
13.55 - Patricie Herrera: Beautiful hands and feet (artistic decoration) - announcement
14.00 - Štěpánka Podroužková: Photo makeup 2011 with a fashion show by Ateliér Moravec
14.30 - Announcement of the winners for INSPIRATION 2011
14.50 - Surface: The latest news across the world in make-up
15.10 - Transformations - final styling - with Štěpánka Podroužková (Pro Meredit)
15.20 - P.Jentschura - Cellulite: an acidic cause, alkaline solutions (Mgr.Jana Šafratová)
15.45 - RAM: STEM - intensive treatment giving you the feeling of a new skin and protecting stem cells
16.15 - Vladimír Mazal: Indian Ayurvedic Snehana massages
17.00 - The Czech and international championship contests in NAIL DESIGN -announcement of the winners


FRIDAY 3. 9. 2010
10.00 - 14.00 - 6. SEMINAR for members of the Czech Podiatric society as part of podiatric training - orthopedy in podiatry in the salon allocated for the Czech Podiatric Society

Running on both days:
Beauty Service Stand - Framesi: a show running throughout the day of cuts, colours and styling
Nikostas stand: Chemical peeling Peelosophy
The Czech Podiatric Society stand: examination of the soles of the feet on a PC scanner and consultation about taking care of your hands and feet


FRIDAY 3. 9. 2010
10.30 - Use of warm and cooling therapies with lava stones for cosmetic practices
11.00 - Relaxing the cervical cord using the Dorn method lying down for cosmeticians
11.30 - Use of hand vacuum massages using cupping glasses for cosmetic practice- the most common mistakes, benefits, effects
12.00 - Samples of interesting massages
12.30 - P. Jentschura : Herbal stamp massage (Mgr.Jana Šafratová )
13.00 - Karel Trnavský - Thai massages
13.30 - Asklepion:Lada Carthy, klinika Asklepion: Revolutionary method for demolishing fat, firming the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
14.00 - AUTOAUGMENTATION - lasting breast enhancement using stem cells, without general anaesthetic,
implants or scars!
14.30 - LIPOSUCTION versus LIPOLYSIS, how to a slender body..., which method to choose?
The clinic of plastic and aesthetic surgery MEDICOM VIP, presented by Chief. MUDr. Vlastimil Víšek, CSc.,
15.00 - Dermalogica: Hyper-pigmentation: a clearer future for your skin. Hyper-pigmentation treatment without endangering healthy skin
15.20 - Heitland and Petre: Champagner-Mango treatment
15.40 - Milan Gelnar: Astrology and relationships

SATURDAY 4. 9. 2010
The Association of Czech Aromatherapists: aromatherapy, relaxation, wellness

10.30 - Introduction to aromatherapy, use of ethereal oils, methods of application
11.00 - Holistic aromatherapy massage- constitutes work with the muscular system, as well as energy in meridian lines and acupressure points. Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating
11.30 - Aromatherapy in cosmetics- unique Biophase method using enzymatic regeneration for a natural examination of the skin and its defects
12.00 - Lava stone massage - by means of vibrations, the warmth of real lava stones influences the energy lines in the body, having a positive effect on thought and freeing up stiff muscles
12.30 - Hawaii massage - originating from the highly gentle and flowing techniques of the Hawaii islands
13.00 - baby aroma massage, the meaning of relaxation in children, treatment of common childhood illnesses using aromatherapy
13.30 - The Czech Wellness Association - Jan Bejdák: SmartFit - a unique franchising concept - female fitness and low investment, fast payback, continuous support
13.50 - Heitland and Petre: Champagner-Mango treatment
14.10 - P. Jentschura : Massage using herbal stamps. (Mgr.Jana Šafratová)
14.30 - MUDr. Alice Dyndová: - Beautiful and healthy skin without squeezing using the Nelly De Vuyst method
14.50 - Dermalogica: Hyper-pigmentation: a clearer future for your skin. Treatment using hyper-pigmentation without any risk to the health of your skin
15.10 - Hanna Maria: Aromatherapy compiled according to the Chinese principle of five elements - JIN & JANG


o2arena- PRAGUE 9
3 - 4 Sep 2010

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