World Of Beauty & Spa 2010 Autumn O2 arena

O2 arena - PRAGUE 9
30 September - 1 October 2011

Organizer: EXPOBEAUTY PRAGUE s.r.o.

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The 12th largest annual fair of cosmetics, hairdressing and a healthy life style in the Czech Republic
WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA, held at the end of September and beginning of October at stands and in a packed O2 arena in Prague, pleased its visitors.

They again found great ideas from the fields of skincare and beauty products, anti-aging preparations and products for general rejuvenation, tools and methods for shaping your figure, care for the hands and legs, equipment for cosmetics, hairdressing and massage salons and workplaces and many demonstrations of make-up, hairdressing and massaging by professionals on models and visitors.

In addition to its prestige, the fair stood out due to its competitive nature. There were competitions everywhere, competitiveness was visible not only among brands and the companies presenting them, but also among experts in the various fields, who presented their qualities among healthy competition.

For hairdressers and those who wanted to see something from a real world-class hairdressing workshop, there was a 4D show: "Stars of the Hairdressing World Here and Now" imported straight from Cosmoprof Bologna.
And the best Czech hairdressers were present at the most prestigious competition in the Czech Republic, with a prize of CZK 100,000 and participation in a foreign competition (in Nuremburg), called “INSPIRATION 2012,” which is irreversibly linked with names like Blanka Hašková, Martin Loužecký, Jan Hlaváček, and also Iveta Waiselová from Slovakia and Hamdan El Ayache from Lebanon. Of the fourteen finalists chosen, the winner was Romana Topinková. Many pre-school children and pupils came home with new haircuts from the day-long haircut show for young people.

This time a large part of the fair was devoted to clothing design. Lee and Wrangler shows were mixed with shows of imaginative evening and day wear from Tereza Sabáčková, the České modelky agency, creative hair decorations and many other attractive models.

Národní Komora Módy – ČR o.s. in co-operation with the Interdiamond World o.s. Association
and partner support of the organiser of the WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA fair introduced the 12 successful young designers into the final of the design competition “DESIGNER OF THE YEAR 2011 – THAT’S ME”.
Make-up artists and cosmeticians did not want to miss the Czech Make-up Championships with the theme "JEANS GIRL" under the patronage of Pavel Bauer and the Union of Cosmeticians, from the final of which six competitors went through and which also welcomed competitors from Poland and Slovakia. Eva Skořepová won convincingly and thereby ensured participation in a prestigious competition in Düsseldorf, whose licence for the winner was handed over for Veletrhy Brno by the official representative of Messe Düsseldorf in the Czech Republic, Ing. Gabriela Vargová. For the first and second runner up there was a competition in Warsaw; for all the competitors, the same as in the other competitions, there was a number of valuable sponsorship gifts, including luxury wellness stays.  Trends in world brand make-up continued, the semi-final topic of "Creative Image Team 2012" (Electric city) was announced and demonstrated by Pavel Bauer, while Štěpánka Podroužková dealt with the topic "Photomakeup 2012" (Lolita). Competitors can register for both semi-finals now, the selection for the final will be made based on photographs.

An attractive new competition called "Sexy lashes" was at the centre of attention, and the winners went through to an international round, the seventh “Most Beautiful Legs” competition was held, and the winners of the "Masseur of the Year" competition were announced. Attention was attracted by the presentation of leading US cosmetics brands arriving on the Czech market, created in co-operation with the US embassy—information on the main website:

For parents the programme newly included topics such as "The Family and a Healthy Life Style", an idea of the Association of Regeneration Workers including care for pre-school children, massages, aromatherapy, saunas, swimming and footwear. The Czech Podiatry Association held seminars. The Dexter Academy Association, the Aromatherapists’ Association and a number of experts again presented and demonstrated the principles of aromatherapy, procedures for relaxation and revitalisation massages, acupressure, detoxification, chakra aromatherapy, iris diagnostics, and also, for example, astrology and other alternative methods of prevention, treatment and looking for a path through life.

A real concert of creativity of the best customer nails was seen by visitors to Saturday’s traditional Czech and International Championship in Nail Design. Almost forty competitors registered, acrylic and gel work was assessed separately, the assessment of foreign competitors was a separate group. Gel work, its quality and application, was clearly dominant in the overall classification. This trend has been dominant in the Czech Republic for a number of years, although the opposite is the case in most EU countries. The winners Veronika Beníšková-Švebišová and Andrea Hendrychová will again represent the Czech Republic at the International Championships in Düsseldorf in March 2012.

Fifteen products were rated in the "BEAUTY EXPO & PROKOS PRODUCTS AWARD" competition, many of them as "products of extraordinary quality" that—as RNDr. Soběslav Fiker, CSc., one of the jurors, said—e.g. in addition to the declared effect bring a feeling of physical and mental wellbeing, a very valuable composition or comprehensive focus on a certain issue. Equipment assessor Vladimír Rafaj was satisfied with most products.

We are pleased by the interest of exhibitors, visitors and media partners, from whom we heard a lot of praise, encouragement and kind words. We would also like to help them and increase the size of the exhibition for their comfort and further options for the development of the fair and its accompanying programme.

The 13th WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA SPRING fair will be held at the start of the fair season in the new and modernised halls of PVA EXPO PRAHA -Letňany.

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O2 arena- PRAGUE 9
30 Sep - 1 Oct 2011

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