World Of Beauty & Spa 2010 Podzim O2 arena

7. - 8. 9. 2012

Organizer: EXPOBEAUTY PRAGUE s.r.o.

P R E S S    R E L E A S E

More than 300 exhibitors and 16 thousand visitors in PVA EXPO PRAGUE- Letnany

How with the fashion trends look in autumn 2012? Which kinds of make-up do the top brands recommend along with their make-up artists? What kind of hairstyle could you try? How to best work figure and face this coming spring, what’s available to help enhance our look these days using gentle non-invasive technology? And what is the most effective and enjoyable way to relax?

Answers to these questions and many more found 16. thousand visitors of the 14th annual trade fair for cosmetics, hairstyling and healthy living in Czech Republic  taking place on 7th and 8th September, 2012 on the exhibition ground floor PVA EXPO PRAHA - Letnany

The trade fair placed a strong emphasis on current trends in the field of cosmetics, beauty, face and body shaping, wellness, relaxation and healthy living. The visitors was able to take a look at skincare methods along with news in nail modelling, nail decoration, foot-care, hair thickening and hair extensions, tattooing, permanent make-up or tanning, face and body forming using appliances, face fillers and plastic surgery. About 300 exhibitors and exhibiting brands met 18 thousand visitors from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Competitions, make-up, hairstyles, fashion, design
For all those experts out there with a competitive streak as well as their fans, was organized the successful hairstyling competition for one hundred thousand Czech Crowns plus the opportunity to participate in abroad “INSPIRATION 2013”. Similarly to previous years, a big draw to this autumn trade fair was the competition of make-up artists and hairstylists "CZECH CHAMPIONSHIP IN MAKE-UP”. Under the guidance of famous make-up artist Pavel Bauer, visitors  saw make-up in this style along with other spring and summer trends and fashion shows promoting clothing brands and well-known designers. In conjunction with the National Fashion Chamber, young fashion designers were introduced in the competition “DiamondFashion Designer”, along with their even younger colleagues presenting their first pieces. There was also be The Czech and International Championships in NAIL DESIGN and awards for the best product of the fair BEAUTY EXPO & PROKOS PRODUCTS AWARD.

Anti-aging care, massages, relaxation
A vibrant whole-day programme took place in several lounge areas dedicated to the latest beauty methods, anti-aging care, relaxation and regeneration, created in cooperation with the Union of Cosmeticians, our most prominent branch alliance. Further partners for this expert cooperation include The Czech Wellness Association, The Association of Regeneration Specialists, The Association of Aroma-therapists, Dexter Academy, The Czech Podiatric Society, Alliance for PROKOS Cosmetics and a large range of experts in the field of dermatology, skincare and body forming. An integral and very important part of this programme once again were included offers and samples for various types of massages, the science of aromatherapy, relaxation, regeneration and detoxifying methods as well as alternative diagnostic methods for health precautions, beauty and your spiritual wellbeing.

Training and acquiring new qualifications
An additional topic which appeal most of all to those seeking employment, was the offer of training, courses and qualifications in the field of services, body care, cosmetics, nail design, massages as well as other areas in demand.

See you by the next WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA 2013 on March 1st and 2nd and September 6th and 7th.

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FRIDAY 07/09/2012
10.00 – Czech and International Championship competition in NAIL DESIGN
10.15 – Labyrinth: Artists Charity Concert  
10.20 – Launch of day–long hair show SOU Prague 8 – with photographs on models and newcomers 
10.25 – Vladimír Mazal: Indian ayurvedic massages, the principles of eating well according to the five elements system  
10.45 – The National Fashion Chamber – I am the designer of the year for 2013 – Designs, finalists
10.55 – RAM Cosmetics: TibetSpa spa rituals according to the five elements (fir, water, air, earth, ether)
11.10 – Emaporio lashes: Invitation to a competition for eyelash extensions and samples
11.25 – Primavera Andorrana: Mesosystem –  the advantages and use of chemical peelings
11.55 – Arabesque: Trends for autumn/winter 2012/2013
12.20 – Artdeco: Trends for autumn – winter 2012/2013–make–up
by Štěpánka Podroužková, Czech Republic champion
presenting hot news in professional make–up – WWW.BSPRO.CZ
13.05 – Štěpánka Podroužková and Lucie Průžková depicts Olympian Eliška Klučinova with mum (
13.40 – Monika Žídková – Miss Cosmetic cosmetics
13.50 – BEAUTY EXPO & PROKOS PRODUCTS AWARD: announcement of competition results
14.00 – The most beautiful feet : 5th expert podiatric competition “for the WORLD OF BEAUTY& SPA trophy”
under the patronage of the CPS – Czech–Slovak qualification for a competition in Trenčín
14.00 – Pavel Bauer:  announcement of the semi–final topic Creative Image Team
14.20 –  Pavel Bauer and other guests: Estée Lauder: Trends for autumn/winter 2012, Make–up with brushes VIZART, Fashion show featuring Lee and Wrangler brands, Faceball –special face massage
15.00 – The Czech Championship in MAKE–UP –Topic – Charm on the dance floor
16.15 – The Czech Championship Competition in MAKE–UP – announcement the winners
16.25 – The National Fashion Chamber – Diamond Fashion Designer: Competition for young creators
of fashion  (6 –15 years)
16.50 – The National Fashion Chamber: Diamond fashion designer 2012  – PRESENTATION
17.00 – The most beautiful feet: 6th  expert podiatric competition – announcement
the winners
17.10 – Czech and International Championship competition in NAIL DESIGN – announcing the winner

SATURDAY 08/09/2012
10.15 – Labyrinth: Artists Charity Concert
10.20 – Launch of day–long show SOU Prague 8 – with photographs on models and  newcomers
10.25 – Vladimír Mazal: Ayurvedic menu with tasting
10.45 – Fashion show from the portal
11.15 – Centre for Preparing Models MANA: Fashion Rally International–Folk Style shows
11.30 – Martha Ronke Ayrorinde– Afro hairstyles 
11.50 – – NATURAL CARE FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY (tips for regenerating skin,
strengthening immunity, profiles for plant oils for the fields of cosmetics and hairdressing)
12.00 - FASHION ISLAND – Fashion show of luxury swimwear collection 2013
with Agata Hanychova and Tatana Sediva

12.25 – Vita Liberata – healthy tanning
12.30 – Fashion Rally International– Retro–Vintage style
12.45 – SOŠ Havířov–Prostřední Suchá: Greetings from elsewhere (belly dancing –  non–traditional materials (Japan), fashion show – sailors)
13.10 – INSPIRATION 2013 – 2nd year of the competition open to the entire hairdressing world  
14.00 Primavera  Andorrana: Skeyndor – presentation of first–rate cosmetics.
14.25 – Štěpánka Podroužková: Photo make–up 2012 Topic: Venetian Night, Fashion show from the College of Fashion Design and Secondary School of Fashion in Prague
15.00 – Announcing the winners INSPIRATION 2013
15.10 – Monika Žídková presents ARIES – compression tights Avicenum  and Vitality
15.25 – Fashion Rally International – Disco style
15.40 – Transformations with Štěpánka Podroužková
16.00 – RAM Cosmetics: BMF Formulations – simple solutions to a wide range of skin problems
STEM – protection of stem  cells giving you a new skin
16.20 – Fashion Rally International – Subcultural style
16.50Fashion Rally International – Evening Ceremony  or Princess style


FRIDAY 07/09/2012
10.30 – DEXTER ACADEMY – Practical previews for massages, massage therapy school Dexter Academy
Indian head massage, Bali massage, Bamboo massage,
Relaxation massage, Anti–stress massage, Hot–stones, Facial Lifting, Hawaiian massage, Honey massage, Chocolate massage
12.00 – Milan Gelnar: Astrology and relationships
12.30 – Iris diagnostics
13.00 – Hanna Maria: Aromatherapy for body and spirit
13.30 – The Association of Regeneration Specialists – Regeneration and health prevention for children and adolescents  
13.30 – Teenagers and lifestyle – introductory lecture – Ing. Milan Šmíd Swimming pools and wellness
14.00 – Assistance to mothers in compiling a menu for obese teenagers and overweight children –  Mgr. Jiřina Kubcová, Good Nutrition Centre
14.30 – SM system for children and adults for problems with their locomotive system
– Bc. Erika Havlasová, SM system instructor
15.00 – Swimming and water activities for children and adolescents – Ing. Milan Šmíd Swimming pools and wellness
15.30 – saunas for children and adolescents – Ing. Milan Šmíd Swimming pools and wellness
16.00 – tanning for children and adolescents – Magda Malá, Avasico 

SATURDAY 08/09/2012
The Association of Aromatherapists:
10.30 – Aromatherapy and its uses in cosmetics and massage practice, wellness & spa salons and in the home environment. Teachers from the Association to lecture (the programme will be published in detail at a later date)  
13.00 – lemon balm – Alternative approaches to health
13.30 – The Czech Aromatherapy Society 
13.30 – Aromatherapy for healing – healthy lifestyle, harmony between body and mind
14.15 – Aromatherapy – mutual action synergetic components of ethereal oils, suitable recipes for the cosmetic treatment of skin (the problem area of pigment spots, acne, blotchy skin, wrinkles, skin regeneration etc).
15.00 – Aromatheraphy –profiles of less well–known ethereal oils for spirituality


The Czech Podiatric Society:
Friday: 10th SEMINAR for members of the CPS  as part of training in podiatry – in the lounge for the Czech Podiatric Society– ORTHOPEDY IN PODIATRY (J. Fešar, DiP)

The CPS stand: Jaroslav Fešar, qualified podiatrist:  examination of feet and for consultations in the field of foot–care.

SOU Karlín: day–long hairstyling show on the small stage

Dexter Academy:
Stand: Massages: Bamboo massage ,  Anti–cellulite massage, Hot stones, Anti–stress massage, Indian head massage, Samples for treatment using a Niodé device
Cosmetics: Diagnosis and skin purification, treatment for different skin types  
Device measuring of body fat and massages for children completely free of charge
A draw to win interesting prizes for those taking part in the Dexter Academy lectures
Main prize: Rokvel massage worth 3.000,– CZK
Tombola: prizes worth 12 tho. Crowns for winners!

Saturday: VIP lounge DEXTER academy – VII. congress for massage therapists. Programme for those interested in studying: Indian head massage, practical preview, How to find clients? How to deal with cellulite? How to become a successful health massage therapist? How to become a successful nutrition consultant? Indian head massage (workshop practical teaching). Successful massage therapist or how to find clients?

Stand for the Association of Regeneration Specialists: body composition analyser

Bomton stand: Workshop: hairdressing art previews

Beauty Servis – previews of equipment from the hairdressing salon, Maletti on the stand

The National Fashion Chamber: Fashion corner for young designers, Casting for Diamond Fashion Talent


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