World Of Beauty & Spa 2010 Podzim O2 arena

6. – 7. 9. 2013

Organizer: EXPOBEAUTY PRAGUE s.r.o.

P R E S S    R E L E A S E

The 16th cosmetics trade fair WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA 2013 AUTUMN took place on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th September, once again in the modern location of PVA EXPO PRAHA – LETŇANY. There were present more than 300 exhibitors and about 17 thousand visitors.

The Sběratel a Investor (Collector and Investor) trade fairs will run in parallel to this in a separate hall showcasing a range of minerals, precious stones and accessories.

The trade fair was served as a source of inspiration to change your make-up, hairstyles and overall look for the autumn season, and offered a variety of options for rejuvenating skin, body shaping, relaxation and spiritual well-being which is inextricably linked to our physical well-being. Massages, relaxation, detoxification, non-invasive comfortable body shaping, aromatherapy using autumnal and Christmas scents – all of which give a confident appearance enhancing your life and promoting new successful beginnings.

Visitors to the WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA trade fair had seen dozens of new exhibitors and the majority of three hundred well-known brands which had been also featured at previous trade fairs.  These included a range of products, professional cosmetics including cosmetics for wellness, baths, spa and hotel care, as well as products which end consumers can purchase and use.  A range of eyelash and hair extension and thickening products were available plus visitors were able to check out foot care, hand and nail care products, not to mention nail modelling and nail decorations, skincare and body forming appliances.  There had been plenty to see if you were looking to furnish a salon, were in search of hair-styling products or other items aimed at professional hairdressers or looking for tanning methods including solaria. Plus much more! In addition, dozens of exhibitors were  presenting a wide range of organic cosmetics and natural care products.

In addition to the programme focusing on the latest beauty enhancing methods and anti-ageing care, a cycle of interactive lectures and demonstrations took place on the main stage as well as a number of the lounges, with a special emphasis on aromatherapy, relaxation, regeneration, alternative healthcare methods and training in these fields.

Topics and practical demonstrations had been presented by professionals in massage therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry, acupressure, aromatherapy, cosmetics influencing our spiritual side, iris-diagnostics, astrology and other areas. Partners for this professional cooperation include the largest associations in the field such as the Union of Cosmeticians, The Czech Wellness Association, the Association of Regeneration Experts, The Association of Czech Aromatherapists, The Czech Aromatherapy Society, The Dexter Academy, The Czech Podiatric Society, The PROKOS Cosmetics Alliance plus a whole host of other specialists.

In the lounges the Czech Podiatric Society and the DEXTER ACADEMY was running a completely separate and unique professional and training programme.

The trade fair provided visitors with inspiration but also consultancy services and prevention advice: above all this involved a question and answer session with professionals who were happy to respond to visitors questions and provide practical advice giving us a helping hand in cultivating  an attractive look and a healthy lifestyle. One of the foundations for this was being able to reach a state of spiritual well-being, followed by the expelling of fears, healthy self –actualisation and the adoption of a positive approach to yourselves as well as those around you.

All  those visitors kept up with the latest trendsetters are guaranteed to enjoy learning about trends presented by Pavel Bauer, Štěpánka Podroužková and other leading make-up artists. In their shows, top hairdressers were also be revealing how to work wonders with hairdressing scissors – reaping repeated success with Honza Hlaváček and Martin Loužecký with Romana Topinková. In the past fashion shows have proven to be a huge success and on this occasion was focus on fashion trends for the forthcoming season as well as underwear and formal wear. Visitors had also been given another chance to try out a new hairstyle right there carried out by the skilful hands of participating hairdressers.

When it comes to the topic of enhancing beauty, it is impossible to leave out new trends in nail design, manicure and nail decorations which were presented by dozens of exhibiting companies. Their presentations occupied just as important a place at the trade fair as presentations on equipment, traditional pedicures and consultancy services in foot care under the patronage of the Czech Podiatric Society.

The offer included topics which aim to appeal to both visitors wishing to use the services of professionals as well as those interested in working in the field of beauty enhancement and relaxation services or those looking at undergoing further training and possibly retraining to the field.

Once again a wide offer range had been put together for those who admire or like to wear the latest fashion styles plus competitive-minded individuals and their fans. Pavel Bauer had prepared topics for Friday’s Czech Championship Competition in Make-up, which had seen  finalists from the Union of Cosmeticians competition take part (taking place on 1.6 in the Kaiserstejn Palace) as well as winners of the spring “CREATIVE IMAGE TEAM”. 2012 Czech Championship winner, Lucie Průžková scooped up a respectable second place at this year’s most prestigious of competitions in make-up in Düsseldorf.

Saturday’s programme had seen crowing competition spanning the hairdressing world, INSPIRATION 2014, took place for hairdressers – this time around, the topic will focus on men’s cuts and styles. Fourteen finalists were selected by an expert jury from submitted photographs who will subsequently present the competition attractive male hairstyle on the stage. The prize included one hundred thousand Czech crowns, plus a range of great gifts and participation abroad.

For many years now, the Czech Championship Competition in Nail Design had also formed an integral part of Saturday’s programme including categories on “gel” and “acrylic” which also leaded to qualification to the International Championship in Düsseldorf.

The cosmetics product competition BEAUTY EXPO & PROKOS PRODUCTS AWARD had been evaluated by a commission under the expert supervision and patronage of MUDr. Dagmar Jírová, CSc, Director at the National Reference Centre for cosmetics at the State Healthcare Institute in Prague and RNDr. Hana Bendová, Ph.D from the NCR Centre in Bio Medicine for cosmeticians and other professionals. Products had been awarded for their exceptional quality.

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FRIDAY, September 6th, 2013
10.15 – Charity concert and launch of hairstyling show from SOU College Prague 8 running all day long
10.20 – Vladimír Mazal: The principle and effects of ayurvedic massages with a Tibetan bowl
10.50 – Artdeco: Trends for autumn – winter 2013/2014 – by Štěpánka Podroužková
11.10 – The Czech Podiatric Society: introducing activities, exercises for children
11.30 – APR: health prevention and appropriate lifestyle tips for schoolchildren
11.45 – Arabesque: autumn/winter 2013/2014 trends – Vladimíra Krajníková
12.05 – Alessandro – Pole dance show by Veronika Řehořová
12.15 – The magic of eye – shaping. System for eyelash application by Diamond Lashes
12.30 – Latest news from ENII-NAILS – ROCKlac
12.40 – Rare Saharan Myrtle Therapy – PhDr. Hana Khlaif – 
13.10 – Vita Liberata – safe tanning
13.25 – The national fashion chamber: FASHION TALENT 2014
13.35 – BEAUTY EXPO & PROKOS PRODUCTS AWARD: product competition
13.45 – Anna Menzelová, the Union of Cosmeticians: The latest educational trends
14.00 – Pavel Bauer: announcing the topic Creative Image Team 2014, autumn trends, variation on a theme, Wild orchid – Luděk Kellner, Monika Žídková – make-up, interview with Miss Czech Republic and Miss Europe
14.45 – VOŠ and SPŠ Clothing design university Prague-Holešovice – “Icons of our time”
15.00 – The Czech MAKE-UP championship by Pavel Bauer – WILD ORCHID.
Gen. partner: The Union of Cosmeticians. Main sponsors: Eva Garden, Dermalogica, plus cosmetician Christina, Wimpernwelle, Arabesque, Vizart and more

16.20 – The secrets behind women’s curves
16.30 – E. Kolthofová, PERFECTION cosmetics – beauty ritual in harmony with nature

SATURDAY, September 7th, 2013
10.00 – Launch of the Czech and International Championships in NAIL DESIGN
10.20 – Natur sport Fitness Cup. Presented by Václav Noid Bárta

10.40 – Fashion show from – autumn-winter collection 2013
11.00 – Eliminating pigment marks – PhDr. Hana Khlaif – 
11.30 – Fashion Island – Autumn and winter in the Fashion Island boutique. Models: Czech Miss 2008 Eliška Bučková, Taťána Makarenko, Taťána Šedivá and finalists of the Czech Miss 2013 Markéta Břízová, Denisa Grossmannová, Anna Avakjanová, Alena Prešnajderová, Andrea Kolářová
11.55 – AROMATIC ESSENTIALS – harmonising scents with music and touch: Nobilis Tilia
12.20 – Romana Topinková show „Nightfall” , „Different Fashion”
12.45 – The Havířov-Prostřední Suchá High School: Creation inspired by water
13.00 – Jan Cigánik, Jan Hlaváček, Martin Loužecký, Blanka Hašková, Romana Topinková, Táňa Vélová: „INSPIRATIONS 2014” MEN 2014 – 4th competition year across the hairdressing world to win
one hundred thousand CZK.

13.40 – Tigi show by Honza Hlaváček & Martin Loužecký
14.00 – Štěpánka Podroužková: Photomakeup: „Boards that mean the world”
14.15 – VOŠ and SPŠ Clothing design university Prague-Holešovice – „Icons of our time”
14.30 – Natur sport Fitness Cup. Presented by Václav Noid Bárta
14.50 – Announcing the winners of INSPIRATIONS 2014
15.00 – Announcing winners of the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP IN SPA MANICURE

15.10 – Caresse – lingerie fashion show by Comexim
15.20 – BEAUTY STORE Professional 100% natural BLINK LASHES
15.35 – Natur sport Fitness Cup. Presented by Václav Noid Bárta – the winners
15.45 – The Czech Podiatric Society – introducing activities
16.15 – E. Kolthofová, PERFECTION cosmetics – beauty ritual in harmony with nature
15.55 – fashion show – autumn-winter collection 2013
16.55 – Czech and International competitions in NAIL DESIGN – the winners


The Czech Podiatric Society: Programme for podiatrists
CHRISTINA cosmetics: New Muse treatment from CHRISTINA dermo-cosmetics
Tasha: NAIL CONTEST, TASHA & SWISS: „Permanent make-up for PMU stylists”
Alessandro: New styles – Veronika Beníšková-Švebišová. Autographing by Marie Rottrová
Vital Trend: „baobab” and infra-sauna – the chance to try out procedures at the stand


FRIDAY, September 6th, 2013
10.00 – The Czech Wellness Association: The latest news and trends in SPA and WELLNESS facilities not just in the Czech Republic, other topics: How to choose a Jacuzzi create a spa zone, The latest news in physiotherapy, Healthy sleep
11.45 – The Association of Regeneration Specialists: Let’s stay young,
12.20 – Qigong Tuina s.r.o.: Chinese Tuina healing massages
12.40 – DR. GRANDEL new Lifestyle range of cosmetics „BEAUTY X PRESS” and its secrets.
13.00 – Hanna Maria: PLAYING WITH FRAGRANCES or rather mixing fragrances
13.25 – Health and beauty thanks to deacidification, lecturer Mgr. Jana Hrinková
13.50 – Programme from the Association of Czech Aromatherapists: INTERACTIVE PROGRAMME TO CELEBRATE 15 YEARS OF THE AROMATHERAPY INSTITUTE. Try out learning aromatherapy in this reputable educational institute, diagnostics following five elements, an individual aromatherapeutic mix

SATURDAY, September 7th, 2013
10.15 – Medicolux: Chinese medicine as the path to becoming beautiful
10.40 – APEX introducing appliances from the Amiea range: Linelle SENSE & Linelle PRECISE
11.10 – Milan Gelnar: Astrology and self-discovery
11.35 – Pragon, s.r.o.: Medicinal mushrooms, Qigong Tuina: Chinese Tuina massages
12.30 – Nobilis Tilia: AROMATIC ORIGAMI – fun interactive workshop suitable for everyone. Enter the world of fragrances and discover for yourself how fragrances communicate with you and what they can offer. Get to make your own harmonising perfume.
13.30 – The Czech Aromatherapeutic Society: Essential oils, their usage for treating fungal infections (PhDr. Hana Khlaif), Precious stone serum, intensive aromatherapeutic care (Ing. Lenka Svobodová), Aromatheray in cosmetic practice (P. Klasnová) Natural alum as an antiperspirant (J. Víchová)


FRIDAY, September 6th, 2013
10.45 – Practical lessons in Hawaiian massages, Hot Stone and Bamboo massages
11.45 – Practical lessons in Indian head massages and special Amma massages
12.45 – Dorn method, demonstration, benefits, experience, the benefits of taking a course with a Health Massage Therapist. Draw to win great prizes: The Rokvel massage table (3500 CZK), Liyoli massage bamboo sticks (3000 CZK), 4x vouchers to qualify for a discount on either a Massage or rehabilitation course (1000 CZK)
13.30 – 17.00:
3. Workshop led by the Czech Podiatric Society
1. Foot examinations in podiatric and pedicure practice, the principles of proper footwear
2. New shoes for mild to moderate foot deformities – the EUREKA project
3. Prevention starts in childhood and children’s exercises for healthy development of feet
4. Presentation by Superfit – children’s footwear
5. Presentation from sellers of appliances for pedicure equipment – Gehwol, Coneta, Sapex
6. Presentation from the main workshop sponsor (Programme to be modified)

SATURDAY, September 7th, 2013
10.30 – 14.30: The Czech Podiatric Society: A refresher course for all those involved in the foot-care industry including a practical demonstration of metal splinter application, news in the area of onychomycotic nails, the principles of taking care of diabetic foot, lymphedema and other new trends in pedicure practice including new methods
14.00 – Mgr. Pavel Kloud, physiotherapist Training programmes for a healthy body, mind and soul. Shed a week off your age every 14 days, massage ritual programme for an all –natural fresh face, massage demonstrations (lomi lomi, shiatsu, bulbs)


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