World Of Beauty & Spa PVA EXPO PRAHA

SEPTEMBER 8–9, 2017

Organizer: EXPOBEAUTY PRAGUE s.r.o.




20,000 Visitors Including Many VIPs on the fair WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA on 8 and 9 September in the Letňany district of Prague admired new autumn products and services from the world of beauty and leisure

At the fair were introduced four hundred exhibition booths offering the latest products, methods, and treatments in the field of home and professional cosmetics, including skin care, massage, bath, wellness and spa products, spa and hotel wellness facilities, hair-care and styling products, creams, oils, and nutrition and healthy lifestyle products.

Top-notch make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists presented the new autumn and winter trends on the trade fair’s stages. An inspiring competitive entry was famous make-up artist Pavel Bauer with his make-up and fashion shows „Fashion Games” and „Perfume”. Elegant ‘Blue Dahlia„ make-up was created by seven final participants for the Czech make-up competition as well under the direction of make-up artist Pavel Bauer. Visitors were looking forward to the hairstyle creations of legendary hairstylists Romana Topinková, Honza Špilar, Honza Hlaváček and Daniela Hejtmánková. During the master hairstyling contest ”INSPIRATION 2018„ competitors created the hair styles the on the topic: ”Balayage & Ombré„. There was a competition for the best nail designs for various occasions, and there were a huge number of participants in the competition devoted to eyelash extensions on the topic ”Egypt-Kleopatra”.

The „natural fitness” competition was filled with enviable male and female bodies greeted with rounds of thunderous applause from spectators. Brand new and attractive was Competition „International Beauty Foot Cup Czech 2017”.

Visitors could meet famous personalities on stage and at the fair booths. A parade of ‘lace temptations’ shown on behalf of Fashion Island were presented by the most beautiful girls in the Czech Republic – Miss Czech Earth Karolína Mališová, the Miss Czech Republic competition in 2009 Tereza Budková, Miss Czech Republic Lucie Kovandova etc.

Anti-aging skin care, aromatherapy, relaxation, and a healthy lifestyle were the pilot themes of the booths and salons at the trade fair. The main themes of the program were revolutionary new methods in care for the skin and body, both those developed in international laboratories, improved versions of the traditional natural recipes of our grandmothers, and imports from exotic countries.

The fair was not just a platform for inspiration but for many it was also above all an opportunity for consultation. It offered even visitors a chance to observe ‘live’ the effects of new products and methods and often they could even experience it on their own skin. Experts in the workshops and at the booths answered questions and provided practical advice for looking one’s best and for a healthy lifestyle, an essential part of which is mental wellbeing, healthy personal fulfilment, and a positive approach to ourselves and others around us.

Alongside skin care a range of massage methods were on offer, such as massages with bamboo sticks or hot stones, Indian head massages, Ayurveda massage, and the Kinesio Taping Method. There was a fascinating workshop on saunas and the beneficial effects of massage and aromatherapy on mental wellbeing.

The program presented a range of hand and foot care products. The entire event was rounded up with an array of offers for continuing education and requalification courses.




FRIDAY  8. 9. 2017 – Presented by Romana Navarová
10.00 – Launch of the NAIL DESIGN competition
10.05 – Labyrinth: Charity concert,
10.20 – Vladimír Mazal:  Ayurvedic Tibetan bowl foot massage
10.25 – Launch of the daylong hair show by the SOU Hair College Praha 8
10.30 – Diamond Fashion Designer competition finalists
10.35 – Tana Cosmetics: Irresistible lashes
10.50 – Announcing the result and presenting models of the international Fashion Games competition, VOŠON
             SPŠO College of Fashion Design and Secondary School of Fashion Praha 7 (Bauer, Topinková)
11.10 – PhDr. Hana Yasminka Šimčíková – – Using earth and Moroccan clay in skin and body
             care, detoxing, skin firming, lifting, pigmentation marks
11.30 – Christine Akbaba – RefectoCil styling of lashes and brows –
11.40 – Jan Špilar: MIRIAM (hair show)
11.50 – Face Airbrush Make up Open competition – 1st event year ( 45 minutes)
             topic Bridal Makeup (brides)

12.45 – „I love GERnetic, show by Michaela Dolinová, Sandra Pogodová, Václav Tobrman and Alena Kimlová
             (fragments from the theatre show “I’m back loving again!”
13.15 – BEAUTY EXPO & PROKOS PRODUCTS AWARD for exceptionally high quality products
13.25 – Pavel Bauer – announcing the topic for the 12th event year of Creative Image Team 2018
             „GOLDEN GODDESS"

13.45 – VOŠON Young Designers’ show on the theme of "Aromas - Perfumes" (Bauer, Topinková)
14.00 – Pavel Bauer: Czech Republic Championship in make-up on the topic of „Blue Dahlia"
             Anna Menzelová, President of the Union of Cosmeticians: Invitation to the cosmetics congress

15.20 – Announcing the results for Airbrush Make up Open
15.30 – Announcing the results for the Czech Republic Make-up Championship.
             General partner: The Union of Cosmeticians. Main sponsors:, MIL cosmetics,
             Keenwell, Janssen cosmetics, Dinair, Vizart, Tana Cosmetics, Wimpernwelle.
             Main media partner: Linda magazine

15.40 – Vinum Therapy: Exclusive Czech cosmetic brand using vine leaves - VINODERMA
15.50 – Enii nails – news
16.00 – Announcing the winners of the NAIL DESIGN competition
16.15 – Vladimír Mazal: Turmeric – for good health and more

SATURDAY  9. 9. 2017
10.00 – „International Beauty Foot Cup Czech 2017"  competition launch
10.05 – Launch of the daylong SOU Praha 8 Hair Show
10.10 – ICN Beauty & Fitness Cup 2017 – Tomáš Procházka
10.40 – Om Dance Academy – Indian Dance School
10.45 – Enii nails - news
11.00 – ICN Beauty & Fitness Cup 2017
11.30 – Fashion show with Czech Misses and Miss Face led by Gabriela Franková and Lucie Kovandová
12.00 – Om Dance Academy – Indian Dance School
12.05 – PhDr. Hana Yasminka Šimčíková – – Using earth and Moroccan clay for skin and body care, detoxing and skin firming, lifting, pigmentation marks
12.25 – ICN Beauty & Fitness Cup 2017 – finá
12.40 – For Life: Beautiful skin at all ages.
12.55 – International Beauty Foot Cup Czech 2017 – announcing the winners
13.00 – Om Dance Academy – Indian Dance School
13.05 – Honza Cigánik, Honza Hlaváček, Martin Loužecký, Daniela Hejtmánková: 8th event year of
             “INSPIRATION 2018” – Balayage & ombré. Media partners: Linda, VlasyVizáž

14.00 – Štěpánka Podroužková: 2018 photo-make-up – „Rococo” make-up with guests Amadeus
             and Constanze from the FaZa make-up school

14.30 – TANA Cosmetics: Irresistible lashes
14.40 – Announcing the winners of INSPIRACE 2018, fifty thousand Czech Crowns prize money
             for the winner             
14.55 – Fashion show – Czech models
16.00 – Vladimír Mazal: Ayurvedic Tibetan bowl foot massage


Alessandro stand: VIP Czech personalities
The Czech Podiatric Society stand: free professional consultancy
APR stand: practical massage demonstrations
Yasmína stand: distilling natural herbs
RefectoCil stand: styling of lashes and brows
MAKO Butterfly stand: cosmetic care with Essenté


SATURDAY  9. 9. 2017
             Dermatological problems seen through the eyes of a pedicurist


FRIADY  8. 9. 2017
10.15 – The association of regeneration experts: „New trends in regeneration and wellness"
             – this year’s physical activity trends poolside and for eating
11.20 – The Czech Association of Sauna-goers: „Recreational sauna use on the wellness centre
             and trends 2017 programme”
12.20 – Zdeněk Hajný: Pilgrim in search of light – Audio-visual Projection –
12.40 – Ing. Michaela Lusílija Makulová: Female beauty radiating through the aromas of ethereal oils
             – The beauty theme permeating every women from within.
14.40 – Diochi: Detoxing and regeneration with Diochi
15.00 – Fox Cloud s.r.o. – Clever with EET

SATURDAY  9. 9. 2017
10.20 – Milan Gelnar: Health according to the zodiac. The acclaimed astrologist talking about the principles
             of looking after your health using cosmic DNA or information encoded in our horoscopes
11.25 – Zdeněk Hajný: Pilgrim in search of light - Audio-visual Projection –
11.45 – Hanna Mária: LIGHT TOUCH AROMATHERAPY – Unconventional interpretation of aromatherapy for
             everyday use or how to spice up your life through the spiritual power of plants
12.50 – Ing. Elizabeth Pozniak – „Microblading” pigmentation. Facts and myths
13.15 – Om Dance Academy – Indian Dance School
13.45 – PhDr. Hana Yasminka Šimčíková – skin HYDRATION using aromatherapy / flora
14.45 – Holistic approach to cosmetic care and new Beauty Energy range


FRIADY  8. 9. 2017
10.00 – The Czech and International NAIL DESIGN Championships
11.40 – Christine Akbaba – RefectoCil styling of lashes and brows –

SATURDAY  9. 9. 2017
10.00 – „International Beauty Foot Cup Czech 2017”


Hairstyles from the SOU hair college Praha 8 Karlín



We reserve the right to make changes to the programme.


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Fotomakeup 2019 – Glitter & Shine
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