PVA EXPO PRAGUE – LETNANY – September 7th, 2018


The task is to create nails on both hands with white extension while the length should not exceed 50% of the nail bed. Professional nails have to be created while paying particular attention to the nail structure (C-curve), the shape and colour, design, as well as transparency and durability. Each participant may choose this new own technique for the nail enhancement. A simple adhesion of "full-size tips" and the use of materials that only stabilize natural nails are not permitted. The use of French tips, full-size tips and "drills" are also not permitted. Only the nail polish provided by the organizer may be used, camouflage is allowed.


The resulting artificial nails should be created like a perfect salon nails.


All competitors must provide their own models. Shortly before the championship commences the models' hands will be examined by the organizer for short natural nails and injuries. The nails must have no tips and both, tips and nails, must not be prepared in any way. The participants have 2½ hours to complete the task. Within this period the nails of one hand must be completely varnished; those of the other hand will remain free of polish.

The judges’ decision is final. The contestants acknowledge the conditions of participation on application.



Časopis LINDA
Dokonalá proměna pro vaše ruce Nehty Profi professional cosmetics

Česká aromaterapeutická kosmetika Original ATOK

Crystal Nails



  • 9.00 – 9.30
    Please present at registration: Passport or identification card Model
    All work places have two electricity sockets; the participants must provide their own working utensils, working materials, lamp, lamp fixing and UV light setting equipment. The organisers will provide a standard nail polish.
  • 9.30 – 10.00
    Greeting of participants, explanation of the timetable and championship sequence. The nails of the models will be checked for artificial nail residue and injury to the nail plate or cuticle. The nails must have no tips and both, tips and nails, must not have been prepared in any way. The model should not wear Tattoos or jewellery on hands or underarms. The model should also wear short sleeves or be able to push up the sleeves during judging.
  • 10.00
    – In the 2½ hours allotted, the nails on both hands must be created with white extensions and with perfect smile-lines on all the nails. The supervisors will check during working time and the judges may want to check as well and remove the nail polish on the polished hand if necessary. One hand needs to be polished with the provided nail polish (either left or right).
    – No smoking is allowed during the competition.
    – Spectators may watch the championship – but are not allowed to talk to competitors.
    – Only accredited press representatives are allowed to take photos or make video recordings.
    – Mobiles need to be turned off during the competition
  • 12.30
    – At the end of the competition the competitors stop working immediately and stand up at their workstations together with their models.
    – Each participant will leave their workstation and only the models will follow the organizer into the room to be judged by the jury.
    – All the models will then draw their starting numbers in private.
    – The models are not allowed to leave the room until the assessment is complete. If they do so they will be disqualified. The same applies to the use of a mobile phone. We want to keep the information inside the judging room during judging.
  • 12.30 – 15.00
    1st short assessment
    – Five models will slide their hands with the number board under the curtain, the jury will then walk behind the curtain and will take notes if necessary. The next group of 5 models follows and so on.
    – This will provide the jury with an overview of the quality of the nails.
    2nd detailed assessment
    – The models will now be assessed individually by the jury and points awarded.
    – 10 points are allotted for each section, with 0 indicating „very poor“ and 10 „perfect”.
    – After the assessment the jury will be given the opportunity of re-assessing individual models again if necessary. The models may leave the room only when all models have been seen by all jury members and the jury does not wish to see any model a second time.
  • 16.00
    The award ceremony will take place at the stage.

We wish you success and hope that you enjoy the championships!


Goal: The resulting artificial nail should be created like a perfect salon nail.

Description Max.


The chosen shape must be consistent on all nails. The shape chosen must be a technical correct one.



The chosen length must be consistent on the ring and pointer finger. The nails on the middle finger and dumb can be 1 mm longer and on the pinkie 1 mm shorter. The length should not exceed 50% of the nail bed. The judges will solely judge from above viewpoint. 10


The sidelines of the enhancement align perfectly with the natural nail plate. They must not be wider then the nail bed or cut in. From the front view the sidelines need to be parallel. The thickness of the sidelines should not be more than business card thick. 10

Stress point

The stress point (apex) must be sculpted at the same, correct point as seen from the front and the profile with a consistent thickness. 10


Must have the same symmetrical and consistent curvature.

Convex C-curve

Both curves must have the same symmetrical and consistent curvature
(depth 30-50%).


Cuticle Area

The product has been applied flush to the nail plate and close to the cuticle.
The rings cannot be visible or touchable
The nail bed and cuticle is not injured in any way.

White edge

The nails are thick like the business card and is the same at all nails. 10

white color

The white sculpted extension must be symmetrical (depth 30-50%) clear visible and consistent on both hands. The smile lines are sharp on all nails, without “ghost shadows“. The nail bed elongation should be free of shadows and with perfect color fading to the cuticle. The white gel extension should be created by gel. 5

Nail bet

Must be created to the nail bet, without shading and smudge.
On the back side of nails could be visible only extension with camouflage,
the free edge should be white.

Nail polish

The nail polish must be applied consistent with the same shape and free margin at the nail bed on all nails of one hand. The surface of the unpolished nails on the other hand must be without any scratches, dull spots or unevenness. The applied product must have Finishing Gel all around. 5

Form / Tip Fit
product residue

The tip or form must fit to the natural nails free edge exactly and the line between the two should not be visible. All residues, such as dust, oil, nail enamel and adhesive must be removed from beneath the nail. 10


Product control (air bubbles, margbelizing etc.) Does the chosen shape and length suit the hand? Is the nail coloring in keeping with the hand coloring?
Is it a perfect set of technical perfect and durable salon nails?
Camouflage with right shading?
Max points   120


Important – Not allowed:

  • using of „French tips”
  • using of colours, acryl colours etc
  • grinding machines
  • prepared tips and formers
  • during judging is for models don´t leave from the room
  • during judging no tattoos or jewellery (watches, rings, bracelets etc.) may be worn by the models on hands and underarms.
  • using mobiles during the
  • 10 points are allotted for each section, with 0 indicating „very poor“ and 10 „perfect“


Tel.: +420 602 354 615

Tvář přehlídky FASHION ISLAND – Miss Slovensko Laura Longauerová se před pár týdny stala Miss Intercontinental Europe 2018 a 2. Vicemiss světové soutěže Miss Intercontinental 2018.

         Miss Slovensko Laura Longauerová

Jsme malá rodinná firma. Název z toho důvodu, že vše co nabízíme je z Anglie. Máme výhradní zastoupení 4 kosmetických značek pro český a slovenský trh, které nejsou k dostání od nikoho jiného, než od nás.
Jsme malá rodinná firma jménem Anglická krása. Název z toho důvodu, že vše co nabízíme je z Anglie.

I my z Ryoru se na vás těšíme na veletrhu v Letňanech! Představíme čerstvé novinky, které jsme před vámi pečlivě tajili a určitě vás překvapí! Můžete se těšit na výhodné veletržní ceny, dárky k nákupu a samozřejmě i sestavení péče o pleť na míru a odborné konzultace od našich kosmetických specialistek!

Česká kosmetika s přírodními extrakty RYOR.

Couleur Caramel – pro všechny náročné ženy, které hledají prémiovou BIOkosmetiku. Couleur Caramel, francouzská dekorativní biokosmetika, uspokojí i profesionální vizážisty.

JÁ MILUJU BIO – Couleur Caramel – Pro všechny náročné ženy, které hledají prémiovou BIOkosmetiku.

Francouzská kosmetika GERnétic Vás srdečně zve v pátek 15. března 2019 od 12:55 hod. na show „Gurmánské kosmetické menu á la GERnétic podle kuchaře Ondřeje Slaniny a kosmetičky Aleny Kimlové” na hlavním pódiu výstaviště
v Praze Letňanech v rámci výstavy WORLD OF BEAUTY & SPA 2019 JARO. Následuje: na stánku GERnétic – autogramiáda Ondřeje Slaniny, oblíbeného kuchaře z TV pořadu „Kluci v akci” (15. března 2019 od 14 do 15 hod.).
A možná i něco ochutnáte.
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Gurmánské kosmetické menu á la GERnétic podle kuchaře Ondřeje Slaniny a kosmetičky Aleny Kimlové

Vážené zákaznice, navštivte nás na našem stánku 2A22 na veletrhu v Praze Letňanech, kde si můžete vyzkoušet náš na podzim oceněný výrobek Lash & Brow LAMINATION FLUID. Těšíme se na Vaši návštěvu. Tým Rejcha Kosmetik WIMPERNWELLE

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Fotomakeup 2019 – Glitter & Shine
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Fotomakeup 2019 - Glitter & Shine

JEDINEČNÉ NALEPOVACÍ ŠPERKY na tělo a vlasy zdobené se SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS. BareSkin Jewels with Swarovski Crystals

JANSSEN COSMETICS – Zkrášlujeme svět.

JANSSEN COSMETICS – zkrášlujeme svět

Na Mezinárodním mistrovství v make-upu
v Düsseldorfu na veletrhu BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL 2020
(6. - 8. března 2020) budou Českou republiku reprezentovat:

Karolína Vondráčková – studentka 4. ročníku VOŠON a SPŠ Praha obor Scénická a výstavní tvorba, která se do finále v Düsseldorfu v kategorii EUROPEAN MAKE-UP AWARD – NEW TALENT probojovala s přírodně laděnou modelkou ztvárňující „THE SHINING BRIDE”


Adéla Anděla Bursová – vizážistka, jejíž jméno se objevuje na předních místech soutěží již několik let, která se do finále v Düsseldorfu zařadila již potřetí, tentokrát v kategorii EUROPEAN MAKE-UP AWARD – EXPERT, a to s úžasným modelem „SPIRIT OF SOUL”


Soutěžícím přejeme, aby se jim v této dech beroucí prestižní soutěži podařilo vydat ze sebe to nejlepší a a zopakovat úžasné úspěchy řady soutěžících v minulých letech. Jako každoročně je bude v přípravách podporovat přední vizážista Pavel Bauer. Soutěž budeme sledovat a sdílet dále úspěch i radost Karolíny i Andělky.

Získali jsme 2. místo pro Českou republiku!
Gratulujeme Adéle Anděle Bursové.
Beauty Make-up Award 2019 – Feminine power

Kosmetický veletrh BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF